Why Planting RVA?


Our goal to saturate Richmond, Virginia with the gospel, by training pastors, leaders, and church planters to engage and understand culture.

Here’s a look at some vital statistics…

The current state of Evangelicalism and some statistics for Richmond:

  • 80 to 85% of American churches are plateauing or in decline
  • Only 10–15% of pastors are equipped to turn around churches.
  • Only 20% of Christians partake in some form of discipleship
  • Only 26% of Americans consider themselves Evangelical (confess Christ as Savior and Jesus is the only way of salvation)
  • Only 12% of Americans attend church on any given Sunday
  • With over 7,000 churches closing each year, and only 4,000 opening, 15,000 church plants are needed each year just to maintain the 26% Evangelical rate.
  • Research indicates, 20% of people leave their church every year, a visitor rate of at least 30% of a church’s size per year is required, just to grow.
  • 96% of Americans have heard the name Jesus-We live in post-Christendom.


  • 1.1 Million people call the greater Richmond area home
  • A projected 10% increase in population by the year 2019 is expected
  • Henrico Co. is 5th fastest growing county in Virginia.
  • Approximately 3,000 churches are scattering among the region. Each church would need to hold 360 people. With the projections, the average church size would have to increase to 380.

These are only statistics, but anyone who has driven around Richmond has noticed the increasing gentrification, urbanization, and immigration increase. People groups must be reached with the gospel. Revitalization and providing the tools, resources, and training to church leaders and pastors is imperative.

Church planting cannot be relegated to the next guy. Revitalization will not happen unless we equip pastors. Leaders do not develop themselves. Planting RVA is passionate about all of these areas.

The Great Commission calls all of us to make disciples and teach about Jesus’ commands (Matt. 28:18–20).